Packaging tables

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Packaging tables


Packaging tables of different sizes and types used when the product has to be manually placed in the container.

Fields of application

Plants for the production of fish, meat, vegetables, dairy products, fruit, sweets, etc..

We design and manufacture packaging tables of different sizes and types.

Packaging tables, as their name suggests, are used in cases where a particular product must necessarily be placed manually inside the container in which it will be sold (a classic example is anchovy fillets in oil). In these cases, packaging operations are carried out on these particular tables by specialised operators. These packaging tables usually consist of one or more conveyor belts and/or roller conveyors to which are attached a series of shelves on which the operators work.

The quantity and shape of the shelves are dictated by the number of operators to be employed and the space available, the type of belts varies depending on what they are to transport, while their quantity and arrangement will depend on the process for which the packaging table is intended. That is why there is no standard packaging table, but they are configured according to the specific needs of each customer.

  • Structure made of stainless steel;
  • Support planes can be longitudinal, single staggered or double staggered and are sized according to the application;
  • Conveyor belts can be canvas, modular or hinged, are dimensioned according to the application and can be arranged side-by-side and/or on top of each other;
  • The speed of the conveyors can be fixed or variable either by a mechanical variator or inverter;
  • Perimeter side rails for format containment;
  • Articulated levelling feet;
  • Electrical control panel with run and stop/emergency buttons.

Modular design

Our machines are designed according to a modular design principle. In fact, our range of machines is made up of a few models that have proven to be suitable for most applications, to which, however, it is possible to add many other models obtained by combining the various modules available. This allows us to offer the most suitable solution for the different needs the customer may have.

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