Immersion cooker

Food processing machines

Immersion cooker


Automatic machines for continuous cooking of vegetables.

Fields of application

Plants for vegetable production.

The immersion cooker is a machine used for continuous cooking of vegetables and non-leafy vegetables.

The machine consists of a tank containing a liquid solution known as a ‘cooking solution’ inside which are two superimposed conveyor belts. At the bottom of the tank there is a series of coils fed by steam through which the solution is heated and thus the product to be treated is cooked. The advancing conveyor belts allow the products to pass through the entire length of the tank, cooking them. The upper belt can be raised thanks to a special structure with hydraulic cylinders that allows better access to the tank for cleaning.

The cooker is usually fed via an elevator belt located upstream of it.

  • Machine made of stainless steel;
  • Stainless steel centrifugal pumps to make the temperature of the cooking solution uniform throughout the tank;
  • Firing solution containment tank with thermally insulated walls;
  • Double overlapping static filters that can be removed separately per firing solution;
  • Mechanical valves for automatically maintaining the level of firing solution in the tank;
  • Cooking solution heating via steam coils with provision for condensate return to boiler;
  • Automatic cooking temperature management via digital temperature controller and solenoid valve for steam;
  • Total tank drain with manual valve and overflow drain;
  • Manhole to improve accessibility inside the tank for cleaning operations;
  • Casing of the upper conveyor structure with provision for connection to the dedicated or centralised vapour extraction system represented by chimneys located in the upper part of the conveyor with suction flow regulation system;
  • Double overlapping conveyor with synchronised motion to force the product to be cooked into the immersion;
  • Conveyor speed management via inverter;
  • Switchboard with stainless steel cabinet with the possibility of positioning it on the machine or separate from it.

A wide variety of accessories allows you to create the perfect machine for your needs:

  • Possibility of supplying the feeder conveyor;
  • Pneumatically operated steam valves for firing solution heating system;
  • Level management system in the tank via programmable level sensors and pneumatically operated solution inlet valves;
  • System for automatic water replacement in tanks without stopping the cooking cycle;
  • Steam kit (the kit includes a steam pressure regulator dedicated to the machine, a safety valve, a filter and condensate drains).

Modular design

Our machines are designed according to a modular design principle. In fact, our range of machines is made up of a few models that have proven to match the majority of applications to which, however, it is possible to add many other models obtained by combining the various modules available. This allows us to offer the most suitable solution for the different needs that the customer should have.

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