Special machines

Not only food industry

Special machines


By “special” we mean all those machines used in areas other than food production. These are mainly machines for washing and/or drying items produced, for example, in the metalworking industry (metal parts such as stamped sheet metal or machined pipes) or in the decoration of glass products for household goods, perfumery, and cosmetics (prewashing of glasses and plates destined for screen printing or pad printing treatment and post-opening rinsing).

Most of these machines came into being as a response to special needs that did not find an existing solution on the market, and for which standard machines were adapted or completely new machines were created for the particular application.

Modular design

Our machines are designed according to a modular design principle. In fact, our range of machines is made up of a few models that have proven to match the majority of applications to which, however, it is possible to add many other models obtained by combining the various modules available. This allows us to offer the most suitable solution for the different needs that the customer should have.

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