ECO Series

Vacuum sanitiser

ECO Series


Semi-automatic machines for sanitising the inner surface of glass or thermoplastic jars, metal cans and thermoplastic buckets.


ECO-Ac (and derived models)

Fields of application

Plants for the production of fish, meat, vegetables, dairy products, fruit, sweets, etc..

Semi-automatic vacuum sanitiser ECO series

ECO series sanitising machines, often simply called blow moulding machines, are semi-automatic machines used to ensure the internal cleaning, by removing dust and foreign bodies, of containers of the most varied types, shapes and sizes (glass jars and bottles, metal cans, thermoplastic containers) intended to contain packaged food products.

Designed for plants with small hourly production rates or for pilot plants, they can handle a wide variety of different shapes and sizes.

They are usually placed in the packaging lines immediately upstream of the filling machines.

The sanitising process uses jets of filtered compressed air insufflated inside the formats to be treated previously positioned manually by the operator on special plates. The machine is equipped with two plates so it can treat a maximum of two formats at a time. Safety is ensured by a double system: mechanical pressure valves assisted by format presence sensors. This allows the jets of compressed air to escape only from the plate where the format to be treated is present. In this way, in the event that the operator for whatever reason has placed only one format on the machine’s plates, it is avoided that there is a jet of compressed air blown not inside a container that could hit the operator.

The duration of the air blow is adjustable by acting on a timer located on the machine’s control panel, then once the jets stop, the operator picks up the freshly treated formats and makes them available to the packaging line.

Due to its small size, it is easily adaptable to any space and can be moved if you want to use it on different lines.

  • Structure made of stainless steel;
  • Solenoid valves for compressed air passage;
  • Easily replaceable cartridge filter;
  • Safety system with valves and format detection sensors;
  • Process time managed by adjustable timer;
  • Minimum permissible process pressure detection system;
  • Fully enclosed technical compartment with removable protection panels;
  • Height-adjustable drive plate position to adapt to different treatable formats;
  • Electrical cabinet on board the machine

Modular design

Our machines are designed according to a modular design principle. In fact, our range of machines is made up of a few models that have proven to be suitable for most applications, to which, however, it is possible to add many other models obtained by combining the various modules available. This allows us to offer the most suitable solution for the different needs the customer may have.

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