Consulting and after-sales services


With over 40 years of experience, our company offers expert advice to solve washing and drying challenges in your production facilities in the food industry. We carefully analyse your requirements and offer dedicated advice, creating customised solutions that will enable you to achieve optimal results.

Advisory service
After-sales technical assistance

Technical Assistance

Rely on our highly trained and available technicians to intervene promptly in the event of faults in your systems. With professionalism and diligence they will take care of your machinery, guaranteeing a professional and reliable service so you can get back to production in no time without worries.

Product review

Our after-sales service is synonymous with an unwavering commitment to your washing equipment. At our dedicated workshop, we will take care of the equipment with expertise and professionalism, ensuring that your machinery always meets your production needs. Maximum productivity and efficiency are our priority.

After-sales product review