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The first years of activity

MCM SCRIVANI Srl was born out of the desire of its founder Alfredo Scrivani, already engaged as a craftsman in this sector since the late 1970s, to create an industrial reality capable of responding in a timely and reliable manner to the needs of companies producing preserved foods and becoming over the years a point of reference for them.

In the beginning, as it often happens for Italian companies, also for MCM SCRIVANI the experience made as a supplier for a company (which in this case operated in the processing of blue fish) was decisive, thanks to which it was able to devise a series of solutions specifically designed for this particular sector that has made it a leader in this market in just a few years. For example, MCM SCRIVANI is the only Italian manufacturer of anchovy peelers and colloidal mills for the production of anchovy paste.

Subsequently, by analyzing the potential of some types of machines produced (with particular reference to washing machines and dryers) it was possible to expand the catchment area both to related sectors always in the ‘food sector (canning in general but also pet-food) and to seemingly unsuspected sectors such as engineering (eg. washing/drying of molded metal parts) or of the production of household goods or cosmetics (the washing and ‘drying of glass plates and glasses to be decorated by screen printing or pad printing and the post-opening rinsing of containers for perfumery and cosmetics).

The evolution over the years

Over the years, therefore, the range of products manufactured has expanded greatly and can now range from machines for washing and drying packaged food products in any type of packaging (glass jars and bottles, metal cans, thermoplastic tubs and buckets, and multilayer aluminum pouches) to equipment for washing containers used in the process (crates baskets, molds, trolleys, and bins), from mumbling washers to continuous vegetable cookers, from sanitizers for empty jars and cans to rotary tables, from conveyor belts to mashing and packaging tables to turnkey packaging lines.

The entire range of machines is entirely designed and built with experience and professionalism by its own technicians and engineers in the 2500sqm covered production site in which all the work necessary for their realization is carried out (from laser cutting of sheet metal to the realization of electrical control panels).