Production of washing and drying systems for the food industry

With MCM at your side, you will have reliable and customised solutions to solve all washing problems within the different production realities of the food industry.


Washing and handling systems

MCM SCRIVANI Srl specialises in the design and manufacture of customised machines for the food industry. We offer a wide range of products, including washing, drying, sanitising and rotary tables, guaranteeing optimal performance and turnkey solutions for the production of preserved foods.

Industrial glass bottle washing

Plants suitable for processing the following foodstuffs

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Dairy products




Pet food

MCM Washing and Drying Machines
Complete Solutions for the Food Industry

We offer advanced washing and drying solutions specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the food industry. Our machines are ideal for processing a wide range of containers such as plastic trays, metal cans, bottles, glass jars and pouches.

Innovative system with automatic format change

It is well known that the productivity of a plant is given by the ratio between the duration of the shift and the time during which the plant is actually producing within that shift.
In a perfect world, these two items would coincide, but the reality is a little different: there are downtimes. We can divide them into two categories, the ‘incidental’ and what we call the ‘necessary’. The latter are nothing more than downtimes due to operations to adapt the plant to the format to be processed, in other words to the format change. How can these downtimes be reduced?

Automatic changeover system in the food industry

Design and construction of machines according to customer requirements

We make customised machines and machine parts to customer specifications. We work with companies that want to outsource part or all of the production process. Our structure allows us to be a reliable partner, able to meet the specific requirements of each project.

After-sales services

Consulting, support and review of our products

We provide rational and efficient solutions, customised to your needs in order to solve washing and drying challenges in the food industry. Our technicians will intervene promptly in case of breakdowns, guaranteeing reliable service. At our dedicated workshop, we take care of your washing and drying machines, keeping them productive and efficient with targeted interventions.