Cronos Series

Static machines for washing only

Cronos Series


Automatic machines for washing large containers used in the process such as trolleys and bins.

Fields of application

Plants for the production of fish, meat, vegetables, dairy products, fruit, sweets, etc..

The CRONOS series of washing machines are static machines for the discontinuous washing of large containers and equipment used during the process (bins, wheeled tubs, trucks, etc.).

They usually represent ‘stand-alone’ washing islands, either manned by human staff or robot manipulators.

  • Structure made of stainless steel;
  • Centrifugal washing pumps made of AISI 316L stainless steel;
  • Piston pumps for high-pressure washing stages (only for models with high-pressure stages);
  • Washing pressure regulation system;
  • Washing water containment tanks with thermally insulated walls;
  • Static wash water filters can be removed separately;
  • Mechanical valves for automatic maintenance of the wash water level in the holding tanks;
  • Flushing water heating via steam coils with provision for condensate return to boiler;
  • Automatic washing temperature management via digital temperature controller and solenoid valve for steam;
  • Total tank drain with manual valve and overflow drain;
  • Rotating nozzle-holder arms for washing outer walls of the container to be treated;
  • Rotating nozzle-holder head for washing the inside walls of the container to be treated;
  • Nozzle assembly for washing the outside bottom of the container to be treated;
  • Container support door to be treated with ‘drawbridge’ closure;
  • Predisposition for connection to the dedicated or centralised vapour extraction system represented by chimneys in the upper part of the bonnets with suction flow regulation system;
  • Switchboard with stainless steel cabinet with the possibility of positioning it on the machine or separate from it.

A wide variety of accessories allows you to create the perfect machine for your needs:

  • The machine can be lifted to fit existing lines by adding a structure to which the machine can be fixed;
  • Pneumatically actuated steam valves for tank water heating system;
  • Water level management system in the tanks by means of programmable level sensors and pneumatically operated tank inlet valves;
  • System for automatic water replacement in tanks without stopping the washing/drying cycle;
  • Self-cleaning continuous filtration system for both low and high pressure washing stages;
  • Steam kit (the kit includes a steam pressure regulator dedicated to the machine, a safety valve, a filter and condensate drains);
  • Set up INDUSTRY 4.0 ready.

Modular design

Our machines are designed according to a modular design principle. In fact, our range of machines is made up of a few models that have proven to be suitable for most applications, to which, however, it is possible to add many other models obtained by combining the various modules available. This allows us to offer the most suitable solution for the different needs the customer may have.

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